Our Process

When you choose to schedule your session with Mako Photographic Studios you are purchasing more than a photography session. You are purchasing a one of a kind photography experience !

The consult

Before you ever hand us a check or payment of any kind we will schedule a Pre-consult with you. Depending on the type of session you are looking for we will meet you at a local cafe or our studio in Mesa. We will even do a skype call with you if we can't get our schedules to line up, to meet in person. During our Pre-consult we go over your budget, what we offer , our previous work, our style of photography , expectations that you have and expectations that we have. You will also get the opportunity to see the amazing products that we offer for our clients to purchase. If you feel like we are a fit then we will next schedule your session. Depending on what type of session will depend on when we schedule your session for.

  • Senior Sessions should be scheduled at least 6-7 months prior to graduation. Senior Slots begin to fill up quickly as graduation gets closer.

The Session

Senior STAR Session – These sessions are normally shot outside at a beautiful location(s) that you & I have agreed upon. If you don't have a preferance on location, I will line up your style of session with one of my favorite locations. These sessions have the option to include hair & make-up. If you choose to have hair & make-up included you will be directed to a location where you will meet the hair & make-up stylist prior to your session time to get "dolled up" !

Don't forget to bring your best friend with you to your senior STAR session. There is nothing like having a friend enjoy your session with you. We will also make sure to get a few images of the two of you for you to remember your best friend by ! It's a great bonding time that you don't want to pass up. Besides, who better to bring to your session then your mom (or dad) and BFF. You can bring your mom or dad or leave them at home, that is up to you ! 

Our senior star sessions go from 1-3 hours, depending on choice of package. You have options for outfit changes so, make sure you bring outfits that compliment you and your style. Don't forget to bring props that are important to you and who you are ! Your High School Senior session is about emphasizing who you are and how you want to be remembered. Our goal for our senior sessions is to have as much fun as possible while capturing your beauty.

Senior STAR experience

After your session be looking on Facebook & Instagram for us to post a sneak peek of your session ! This can occur anywhere between that day to 1-3 days later, depending on my current work load. I try not to keep you in suspense for too long though 🙂 . I know how excited you are to see your images after the session !

From the time I post your sneak peek expect me to contact you seven days later to schedule your in-person proofing & ordering session. Make sure you reserve 1-2 hours of your time for this appointment & that anyone who would need to be there to make a ordering decision can be present. It will make the proofing/ordering session go much more simpler !

After your in-person ordering session you will wait in suspense for your products to arrive from our professional quality lab. Once they arrive we will package them up in pretty bags and boxes and arrange a time to deliver them to you. They will be hand delivered to you and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and inspect the quality ! 

That is the full service STAR experience that we offer you for your Senior STAR session.